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Who we are | Gasmuha Empowerment Project

Who we are


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How we cultivate our projects: our approach


GasMuha is an Italian association who aims to being close to the last of the planet by promoting Hope through development projects where the paved road ends: in communities in difficulty not reached by other NGOs.

GasMuha was born in 2016 in Milan on the initiative of Janusz Gawronski, an Italian entrepreneur, and others. It gathers entrepreneurs, managers, university professors and other professional figures, to whom it proposes to take action to help some of the least of the earth in conditions of scandalous poverty. So with GasMuha we have moved from the insufficiency of living for our needs, to the satisfaction of doing what we can to bring hope to at least someone among the last on the planet.

GasMuha takes its name from the Rwandan refugee Jean Chrisostome Gasinya Muhanyire, an unparalleled amused commentator of human affairs, a beloved person, a fraternal friend of the founders, orphan of mother and of every member of the family who fell under machetes, himself tortured for a long time, lived in the name of ethnic cleansing, at the same time a lover of life and immediately defeated by it.


Ongoing projects

Projects to date

The poorest on earth

Mainly located in the tropical belt, a few billion poor people have suffered or will suffer from thirst, hunger, hygienic and sanitary insecurity, have no access to education, are expelled from the land, pushed to and then settled in unlivable slums, exposed to pollution and violence, exploitation, lack of adequately paid work, modern enslavement, inability to meet the basic needs of the house. The poor are poor above all because they are not in control of their lives, they are oppressed by the most serious difficulties, they are not free, they do not see a way out of their condition. To the poor it is above all hope in the future.

The way of hope

Even in the most critical situation, the primary need of the human being is the reasonable hope of being able to build a better tomorrow. This hope is particularly satisfying and motivating when the human being comes to be the actor of his own redemption, to take control of his future.


 GasMuha’s raw material is hope. Hope not to reach Western living conditions, it is the reasonable certainty that every day will bring a little more solution. GasMuha is committed to bringing hope to some of the poorest people and communities on earth through empowerment and development projects.



 Janusz Gawronski sensed and experienced firsthand that the approach most appreciated by the poor and the most effective to help them begins by living among them. The immersion between them is already an unexpected event in itself. It produces understanding, building trust, developing community self-awareness, discerning conflicting stimuli (“I need a mobile phone”), identifying real problems (fresh water, irrigation, school, etc.), formulating exit strategies. misery. GasMuha acts as a facilitator, designer, fundraiser. GasMuha’s interventions are locally elaborated, decided, carried out in first person by those directly involved, who obtain something considered as important.


Human development is a learning process. In fact, even when everything is destroyed, one population can recover quickly, another not even in a hundred years. The difference is made by the collective functional heritage and the awareness of being able to build one’s own future (empowerment).

Cooperation models

Participatory cooperation

We are able to offer anyone, not only the community in need, therefore also the volunteer, the sympathizer, the potential donor, a useful, important, personally valuable experience, regardless of support for GasMuha. Fundraising often occurs as a result of one-to-one relationships with friends and supporters, old and recent, from sharing the problems of the communities we assist. Our proposal uses the media to communicate quiet content. We don’t like emotional blackmail. No actor is functionalized (eg: as a potential donor) for a purpose that does not consider him as a human being in need of an important adventure.

Welfare paternalism

 GasMuha limits the validity of models of assistance in the form of unilateral welfare systems only to emergency situations, where there is a danger of survival: which, thinking of doing good, distributes “gifts” in food, funds, etc., sometimes risking the undesirable effect of humiliating people, preventing them from getting up on their own. Welfare not limited to moments of crisis destroys and demeans the human being by perpetuating dependence on donors.

Collaborate with us


Our sensitivity to the poorest has been oriented to work for others, concretely supporting the growth projects promoted by Janusz Gawronski, former Italian manager, who has intuited that poverty is faced first and foremost by going to live among the last, at home, for a sufficiently long time to allow the growth of understanding, the birth of trust, the beginning of a reasoning on their own condition. How they could build a less hard future.

So far we have operated with personal resources and private donations. Gasmuha does not pay in any way its volunteers. This allows almost 100% of donations to be reserved for supported populations.


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