Michela Farabella


Michela Farabella (Turin, 1973), I am employed in a company that deals with Logistics, and in my free time a freelance writer and journalist. I studied in Eastbourne (UK) and in Turin Modern foreign languages and literatures. I have two wonderful children, Davide 24 and Andrea Enrico 15.

I started my career in Alitalia as a flight attendant, then I worked in Paris, then in Turin (translator, customer service, editor and public relations). For about ten years I have been actively involved in the social sector, dealing mainly with Neurodegenerative diseases, in particular Alzheimer’s which has hit my family hard.

I have created self-help groups and listening desks to help families in the hard path of this disease. In 2018 I approached Gasmuha a little by chance and a little because I felt the need to do something even for the poorest on earth.

My greatest wish is the construction of the hospital with a small ward dedicated to maternity, and to Neonatal Intensive Care, because unfortunately in La Gonave people continue to die in childbirth. I live in Turin and I hope one day to coordinate the hospital.

My email is michela.farabella@gasmuha.org




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