Janusz Gawronski


Janusz Gawronski (Rome 1960), Italian entrepreneur with a Polish grandfather and a few journalists in the family. I studied in Rome (Jesuits), Canada (UWC) and Milan (DES Bocconi). I have two brothers and two sisters, three ex-wives, four beautiful children: Matilde (1984), Nicodemo (1988), Thomas (1998) and Marcello (2000) and a nephew from Nicodemus (Sebastian, 2020).

I worked in Libya (math teacher), then in Milan (English teacher, translator, editor, marketing pm, bank treasurer, broker and financial manager, financial director and CEO of SIM, contributor to management magazines, columnist, entrepreneur in fleet management services, consultant. In 2012 I sold my latest company TKT to a multinational, giving me a freedom from unexpected, precious turnover.

In 2016 I founded this association with some friends and left for Haiti where I lived for two years in the village of Port-de-Bonheur, Gonave Island, establishing a presence of cooperation, the realization of a spiritual adventure. Today I carry out development projects between Haiti and Adwa, Ethiopia, I share my Diary from Haiti with friends and supporters where I tell news from the country, stories of my splendid poor people, my personal stories, the progress of GasMuha projects.

My desire is to build material solutions and hope with people who will soon no longer need GasMuha. Live in Rome. If God wants, in addition to participating in GasMuha, I will contribute to the birth of a secular monastic community in the area. My email is janusz.gawronski@gasmuha.org

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