Health center

Port de Boneheur, The Gonave, Haiti

The only accessible hospital for 30.000 people

 The Center de Santé Bon Samaritain (CSBS) was born following a fiery village meeting in which it was debated whether to concentrate subsequent efforts on the creation of a study area and library. E., an emerging young man, had taken the floor to say that we at GasMuha were crazy, you couldn’t think of a library when there was no doctor within twenty kilometers. Even though we had listened to the notables, the comment was centered and we took it seriously. In three months we bought the first equipment and medicines, hired a Haitian doctor who started receiving. Thus was born the clinique, which later became CSBS. Again, it took people some time to start trusting. There are countless cases of children and adults who came to our doctor too late to be treated. The poor waited until the last, fearful of having to pay for visits and medicines. Only with time and the persistence of treating anyone, day and night, did the population begin to show up in large numbers for a range of diseases, including dysentery and cholera, malaria and dengue, injuries from a fall or machete, toothache. , and especially gestation and childbirth. Today we estimate to be able to give a decisive answer for 80 percent of the pathologies. The CSBS operates free of charge and only charges for medicines to those who can. After many cases of miraculous rescue of this or that child, the community began to seek the services of the doctor.


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 Unlike the aqueduct, which does not require an ongoing budget, the CSBS requires monthly coverage of out-of-pocket expenses: salaries, medicines, sea ambulance, mobile clinic, which today amount to about three thousand dollars a month. We received a donation to set up a small laboratory for analysis (the doctor says I can’t always make a correct diagnosis without objective confirmation). The hospitalization ward, the gestation and delivery room is being born. We rented the largest building in the village to be able to absorb a first phase of growth, while waiting to build a new hospital.

Il mio più grande desiderio è la costruzione dell’ospedale con un piccolo reparto dedicato alla maternità, e alla Terapia intensiva Neonatale, perché purtroppo a La Gonave si continua a morire di parto.

- Michela

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