The Pope's September intention prayer

We are with Pope Francis for his September intention prayer

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The first GasMuha project in Haiti: aqueduct and drinking trough for animals in Port de Bonheur 2016

L’intenzione di preghiera di settembre di Papa Francesco

We pray that the planet’s resources will not be plundered,

but shared in a just and respectful manner.

- Pope Francis' intention prayer, September 2020

Our Mission

GasMuha’s raw material is hope.

Hope, not to reach Western living conditions, but to have a reasonable certainty that every day will bring a little improved solution.

GasMuha is committed to bringing hope to some of the poorest people and communities on earth through empowerment and development projects.



Since 2016 we have been active in Haiti, on the island of Gonave and in the village of Port de Bonheur: a village of about 600 souls, who are struggling against thirst, hunger, disease, lack of opportunities.



We are active in the Adwa area with the design of a rainwater accumulation and distribution system in the surrounding countryside and with the creation of a natural park to protect animals, nature and the land heritage of the marginalized population of the area.


GasMuha brought water to the families and animals of Port de Bonheur

help us to bring more, wherever it is needed


We participated in a beautiful adventure: to help around 600 children and young people

to become capable of building their own future


We were able to put a roof over the heads of

hundreds of people in Haiti and Ethiopia

There is a need for everything

There is a need for everything

Not only donations, but also skills, experience, medical and construction tools,

building materials, school desks and chairs… Find out how

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