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Donations | Gasmuha Empowerment Project





Esegui una donazione tramite PayPal. Puoi utilizzare anche qualsiasi carta di credito o prepagata.



Puoi devolvere il tuo 5×1000 al CF 97757620154 di GasMuHa Empowerment Project Onlus.



La tua donazione deducibile su Banca Intesa IBA IT47S03069096061000001452


Give us your time


In the era of Covid-19 there is a lot you can do to support the poorest with us. Here are some ways, with a premise: if you want to do something, let’s meet first, physically or via video call, we share information and motivation. We are always available. You can also choose who to talk to about the team, according to the profiles (hyperlinks) visible on the site. Our hearts will win us, the next steps will be more effective.

1. So first of all, know, let’s get to know each other.2.

2. Talk to your family members. Talk to your friends about it. Talk about it in the parish, with your parish priest. Talk about it wherever there are people of heart. Offer them to dedicate an hour, an evening of attention to the topic. We will gladly come to meet the group, make a presentation, build an exclusive project of which you will be protagonists.

3. Give us some of your time. We don’t have the big budgets of the major NGOs, we depend on our network of important relationships. Make the rounds of your contacts. Convey the 5×1000 of those you know to GasMuha. Do it in the company (the personnel manager will help you), do it by your accountant (he will have many customers who leave the box blank, they will have a high moral influence).

ongoing projects

projects to date


4. Can you provide personal time and services? We ask for nothing better than to have design engineers, architects, doctors, nurses, entrepreneurs, teachers with us… the list would be long, many professionals make the difference.

5. Of course the works are done with money, so if you intend to do so, do not hesitate to press the donate button to transfer an amount of your choice to GasMuha. In the donation, do not hesitate to add an indication of the project you choose to finance, among those published.

6. Are you alone, without heirs? Anticipate your bequest in GasMuha. By helping you will have earned a treasure.

7. Donate in kind. Do you have access to useful materials? Consider that on a mission the need is wide-ranging: food is needed (in good condition, not expired), a lot is built – building materials such as bars, tiles, nails, metal plates etc. are needed. etc. At any given moment you may need a professional camera to take pictures to post, a laptop to report expenses. Consider that the mission can also use materials to help families start a business. So, to give just one example, with a very simple supply of nails!

8. Do you want to come with us? Again: let’s get to know each other, let’s check together if our destinations are suitable for you, if your skills and motivations offer space for a satisfying presence, first of all for you. Over time we have hosted surveyors, veterinarians, agricultural entrepreneurs, consultants in cooperation, and also a reporter, specifically Goffredo Merolla of TV2000. On the island we are organized with a base capable of hosting volunteers in semi-civilized conditions: with furnished rooms, a functioning kitchen, running water, electricity, health services, security. Our small community, overlooking the Caribbean Sea, now hosts a dozen unpaid volunteers and local collaborators. The kitchen bakes two meals every day for about twenty people, including community members, staff, and some particularly frail people we have taken into our care. Our fleet includes a Chinese motorcycle, a Ford pick-up, a very old tractor with trailer, plus two tap-taps and a motorcycle in Port-au-Prince.

Please note. So far we have operated with personal resources and private donations. GasMuHa does not pay its volunteers in any way. This allows almost 100% of donations to be reserved for supported populations.

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